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Projects I've done in my spare time with friends & willing collaborators
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I've been intrigued by Journey since college, when some roommates and I stumbled across Journey's Behind the Music special on Vh1 and realized that Journey really had written "the soundtrack of our lives."  The video for Separate Ways is one of the best/worst of all time, and one year for my birthday I gathered together my fun and talented friends to attempt a shot-by-shot recreation.  Shot in 1.5 days with a limited budget that went entirely towards wigs, jean jackets and pizza, the results were so inspiring we had to capture some of the behind the scenes magic as well.  I think Steve Perry would be proud?

Check out the "making of" video to see the behind the scenes magic, inspired directly by Behind the Music....

A fun trailer I produced for my friend's improv/action comedy show, The Resistance.  See them live on Friday nights in Hollywood!  

"Dead to Me" is the result of a 40 Hour Film Project (we wrote, shot & edited a 4 min video within 40 hours) that some friends and co-workers and I did in the fall of 2012.  We came in 2nd place, and Dead to Me went on to screen at a few independent film festivals around the country. Not bad for one weekend of work!